Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hannaford's Hardest Worker...

Our elementary school has a partnership with our local Hannaford grocery store that is absolutely fantastic. Fourth graders every year are introduced to the different job positions by the managers, then choose the three most preferred they would like. Weeks are spent writing resumes and letters of introduction, and then they dress up and are interviewed by the managers at the school. Each child is assigned a job (grocer, bakery, manager, assistant manager, cashier, etc.), and then the classroom of kids is bussed to the store. They are given a tour, and then introduced to the employee who does the same job they were "hired" for, so they can job shadow them!

It introduces not only the real life skills of looking for a job and putting your best foot forward, but also how the store works, things normally behind the scenes become understood (someone actually spreads the garlic butter onto that loaf of bread!!).

Brian was hoping for manager, but got a better job I think! He was in the grocery department, he learned "blocking the shelves", where you bring things to the front so they are easier to buy, and he restocked the milk, among many other things!

Blocking the Shelves

Checking on the OJ

Got Milk?
The "Boss" Handing Out Warm Gloves
Mom Getting All Artsy!
With all the bad press the corporation is receiving (and yes, I had 4 numbers stolen, and one was used illegally!!) our local store is still a great place, full of great people!
I would be seriously remiss if I did not thank Nicki for coming with her camera to take pictures! Silly me thought a trip to Lewiston to run a couple of errands with Melissa wouldn't take too long, and I'd be back in plenty of time! I forgot that nothing in Melissa's life ever runs in a reasonable amount of time, especially things dealing with Savannah's cancer (her one errand was to get the drugs S is on, which didn't happen due to pharmacy incompetence). I made it back in time, yes, but the pressure was off a bit with Nicki there, ready with her empty memory card and full batteries!
And thanks to Sheila, too, for watching Nicki's children so she could get there quickly and focus on the pictures! True friends!!!


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And Congratulations Brian! Great Job!