Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Post 100

Well, in a bloggy tradition, I will tell you 100 things about myself. I want to preface it though, because I haven't blogged the last few days with this darn tradition looming in front of me. Frankly, I couldn't have come up with anything nice to say, so I said nothing at all. I think I am better now. And, well, I started my list awhile back, because like I could ever do 100 things about little old me in one shot without throwing up!

1. I like pictures.
2. I like to take them, and look at ones other people took.
3. I like to scrapbook.
4. I grew up in Maine and lived here my whole life.
5. I have a love and affection for Maine that can only be described as “It’s in my blood.”
6. I like to travel.
7. The best part is coming home.
8. The Grand Canyon was not impressive.
9. Texas sunsets and steak were.
10. I’m married to the perfect man.
11. Just ask everyone else.
12. I have four great kids.
13. Just don’t tell them.
14. At least, not too often.
15. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
16. It’s hard, because to whom much is given, much is required.
17. I don’t like fire trucks.
18. I do love my firefighter.
19. I don’t like steers.
20. Or being outside.
21. I go to probably ten fairs to watch steers every year.
22. Because I like my kids.
23. And they show steers at fairs every year.
24. I have a very, very, very, very good best friend of 16 years.
25. I’ve known her longer than my husband.
26. Some days I like her better than my husband.
27. But if I had to be stranded on a desert island I would rather be stranded with him.
28. He’s very resourceful.
29. I have a second best friend now.
30. I’ve never had 2 best friends before.
31. I can never remember how old I am.
32. I once lost two years in less than a minute.
33. That stunk.
34. I don’t like baseball.
35. Or basketball.
36. I do like soccer.
37. And I’m learning to like NASCAR.
38. I like Fords.
39. I don’t think I could ever own a foreign named car.
40. I worry that my granddad would roll in his grave if I did.
41. I miss my granddad.
42. His teachings are why I am a democrat.
43. I like Diet Pepsi.
44. I’m a DP snob, fountain please, from Cumberland Farms if possible.
45. I'm a picky eater. Bill is too, so we make our kids eat everything we eat so they won't be worse than us!!
46. I like swimming. Especially in a pool.
47. I wish I owned a pool.
48. I’m a fairly good mom.
49. My kids say I am, that’s a good measure, right?
50. I tell each of my boys that they are one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.
51. I tell my husband he’s my favorite.
52. He really is.
53. I like to read, but don’t take the time to.
54. I think that’s why I read blogs.
55. I tend to be anti-social.
56. I’m working on that.
57. I sleep with a fan at night, even in winter, for the noise.
58. I can’t stand the texture of corduroy, even on someone else, like other people’s children.
59. I love my parents. They are divorced, but I still love them.
60. I volunteer for things by nature.
61. I’m learning not to volunteer for things I don’t have time for.
62. I’ve only had three months of college.
63. They were the worst three months of my life. I was 17.
64. I’ll go back someday, when I figure out what I want from life.
65. Or at least, what I want from college.
66. I’m a worrier. And a firm believer in Murphy’s Law.
67. I can be a bit dramatic. Sometimes.
68. I have an over-developed self-awareness.
69. I highly value my sleep.
70. I think sometimes I make sacrifices so I can whine I sacrificed.
71. I have a very addicting personality.
72. That’s why I don’t drink.
73. And why I can play Sudoku online for HOURS!!
74. At www.websudoku.com.
75. I have low self-esteem.
76. But, thanks to my family and friends, a high self-worth.
77. I really really really really really wish I had a laptop.
78. I’ve been stuck doing our household finances for years.
79. I’m never going to get a laptop.
80. I hate dealing with women who can’t get along.
81. I serve in our women’s leadership at church, talk about an oxy-moron.
82. I know the Lord has a sense of humor.
83. I think cancer sucks. It’s mean and nasty.
84. I love to listen to music.
85. Especially U2, Billy Joel, and Sawyer Brown.
86. I make excuses in my head for other people who do things wrong.
87. It helps me cope with their bad choices.
88. I hate to potty train children.
89. I might cry when I get my last baby potty trained.
90. I’ve never cried about sending my child to a first day of school.
91. But I might when it’s my last baby.
92. And then I’m going to throw a party!
93. Because while I refuse to wish for them to grow faster, I hope life will be easier without a child in tow from 9 to 2.
94. And I made my husband promise me I don’t have to get a paying job.
95. Unless I get bored. HAH!
96. I hate to clean floors.
97. I learned a few years ago that clean floors are the easiest way to make the whole house look better. Figures.
98. I have a peculiar sense of humor.
99. I’m really, really blunt. I have to struggle to be tactful.
100. I don’t try to very often.

There, that's it!! I did it!! YAY for me!

Now I need a drink.

Fountain soda Diet Pepsi from Cumby's sound good? Maybe I'll see you there!


Anonymous said...

Yea for you. You do deserve a dp. I think it is really hard to write about myself...so much so that I conviently overlooked the 100 things tradition when I hit the 100th post. I just pretented I didn't know about the tradition, but I really did. Is that then a lie?

You seem to have put a lot of thought into this post and I feel like I know you better!

Take care of yourself today, you are special!
Kathy b

Nicki said...

I like you better than my husband, sometimes, too. But I'm sure that wouldn't last if we lived together. It's not a good idea for women who wish to remain on speaking terms, let alone best friends. I just realized how much worse of a time I am going to have with my 100th post all because you got to go first!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Congrats! We hit it at just about the same time.

We have a lot in common, but we'll never be drinking buddies. Sigh. I'm a Diet Coke gal.