Friday, April 11, 2008

Fashion Fiesta (Term used loosely)

Now, never on this blog would I profess anything even remotely related to the fashion world, but I REALLY WANT A FREE FANCY BLOG HEADER DESIGNED FOR ME!!!!
medium button
So, I am entering into the realm of the Mr. Linky again, this time to discuss spring fashions. It might have been easier to just spend the money on the marvelous designer, but really, I bought some cute capris.

Shorts are not my friend. I have big calves (arguably bigger than my kids' steers *ba-dump-bump*), and shorts allow them to be seen and just look awful overall. But when I tried on these capris, knowing it will be 80 degrees or so in Georgia next week (:-)), my friend Melissa said, "Ooh, those are nice, they make you look slimmer!!"

There's another Mr. Linky thing out there that's weekly, called Fight the Frump. I don't subscribe to that, but I do wistfully think about how I will strive to exercise more when Z is in school and I can go to a gym during THE DAY!! In the mean time, I search for "LOOKING SLIMMER" without having to diet or give up soda and Burger King and really change my body.

Don't judge me.

(It wouldn't do any good and would only get you in trouble!)

So, the capris:

These are what I wore most last year. They are elastic waist, I assure you, not much looks frumpier.

These are the ones I just bought. They even have cute pockets, not that I will ever wear a shirt with them that allows the pockets to be seen! The only problem with them is they have three buttons for an enclosure. No waiting to the last minute to get to the bathroom!

The cast of characters to accompany last year's capris:
Yeah, I know, frump frump and more frump. One pair of the beige actually has a hole in it, but I still wore them. I did buy the other pair of beige to replace it, but as a stay-at-home mom, new pants are NOT my priority!

OK, on to the shirts.

My NEWer T-Shirts look like this:

This particular one is heather gray, sorry about the picture quality.

These were actually bought in the Women's section, as opposed to the men's. It's wrinkly cuz it was on the floor waiting to go to the dirty laundry. Now, I live with 5 men of varying age, Big Mama, so my things don't come out of the dirty laundry basket once they go in, even just to photograph them!!

This is my FAVORITE T-Shirt. My best friend gave it to me!

It's pink. I never wore pink before this. This is what it says, and for you non-scrapbookers, it reads "crop", not "crap", though we do crop with a lot of crap!

This is my yellow shirt that I think used to be my mom's. See the black pen dots near the buttons? Yeah, they don't wash of, it's clean, it's stained, and I wear it. People don't know it didn't just happen that day! (Shhhh, don't tell, k?)

My OLD T-shirts look like this:

Can you say, "Men's department?"

OK, and sorry, but these shoes look cuter on him, don't you think?

I also have cute little flip-flops, with little bejeweled straps, but I can't find them, and since they aren't going to be needed in Georgia, I'm not looking today. I need to buy good sandals for the trip, my good sandals are shot, but I still have five more days, what's the rush?

There you have it. Now, Big Mama, I've been monitoring your sight throughout the morning. You went from 17 participants, to 22, and now 35, and I haven't linked up yet. I can see you, sitting there, and picture you saying something to the effect of, "They LIKE me, they REALLY like me!"

You didn't really think the faithful would let you down, did you?
I'm off for a Diet Pepsi!


We are THAT Family said...

I thought this was great, honest and very funny!

canadacole said...

That was fun! And as a fellow scrapbooker, I'd love to have that shirt!

Donna said...

Those capris do look cute! And he is a doll!!!

dcrmom said...

YOU are hilarious. I love your blog title and tagline.

And I must have that "friends don't let friends crop alone" shirt. LOVE that.

Nicki said...

Since the shirt is so popular, I must tell everyone where I bought them. There are lots of great scrapbooking clothes online at
So, go get one (or three) and share with your friends.

groovyoldlady said...

"COMFORT sans frumpdom" is a great motto to live by. It would also be a rather unusual name for a rock band.

You are doing great (and the capris DO make you look slimmer!)


Marie said...

a rock band, or a BLOG!!! Hmmm, rethinking my title...

Elaine A. said...

I need that croppin t-shirt! You crack me up...

Linda said...

I hate my calves, too. I call them "upside down bowling pins."

Leigh said...

CUte duds I enjoyed stopping in !I hope you will come and see my fiesta!

Keetha said...

The little guy in the big shoes STOLE THE SHOW!!!

Mrs. Who said...

We capri girls have to stick together. I actually bought some of the longer shorts last summer too and they are good for hiding the cellulite. My lower legs are still OK, but I expect the cellulite to start spreading any day. Of course, as soon as I start exercising, that problem will go away. That will happen soon. Just any day now.

Keri said...

The little guy did steal the show!! Although I am really thirsty right now so the Pepsi looks especially refreshing.

Darlene R. said...

This is what it says, and for you non-scrapbookers, it reads "crop", not "crap", though we do crop with a lot of crap!

This right here cracked me up! I am a scrapbooker, for sure!

Thanks for stopping by my place!

Big Mama said...

You cracked me up! Thanks for joining in!