Friday, April 11, 2008

Proud Momma Moment!

Indulge me while I boast a moment about my kids! The 3rd quarter ended late this year due to so much loss of time to snow days! But it finally ended, and the report cards came home today!

Highlights from Michael:
Everything is Satisfactory (best possible) and working independently (best possible) except 1 little thing, grammar/punctuation/capitals! His teacher's comments included "Michael may be gifted in math since he learns quickly" and "Michael is a pleasure to have in class and a good classmate to everybody." And this is the boy who asks me about once a month if he can homeschool!!!

Highlights from Brian:
Excellent grades, all As except for pesky spelling!! He has NOT inherited my great spelling gene *sigh*. Reading and Social Studies were both 98!! AMAZING!! His teacher recommended he be evaluated for GT Math, do you see a trend? Lots of excellent effort comments, I am just so proud of him!

Highlights from Dustin:
Dustin scored a 100 in math, and is currently working at an 8th grade level! His lowest grade is actually a 97, the kid does so well it's a little nauseating ;-)! Most of his teachers noted Student is motivated and a positive influence, his science teacher also added Student is working beyond expectations! Go Dustin!!

It's humbling raising kids, you know what amazing potential they have, and you just don't want to blow it!


Tracey said...

So happy for you guys! It's nice when the reports are good, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all three on another job well done, and keep up the good work - never know where it may take you. Mom

Stinson Family said...

Great job boys! You all are wounderful children. I hope that you have a safe and fun trip Dustin and Marie. Good luck on your tourment Dustin!