Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How Many Children Do I Have?

It's quite the challenge to answer that question some days. I wanted to post a picture from the Jay Fire Department's family barbecue. I didn't get to go to the whole thing, my church calling got in the way, but I did catch a volleyball game

Then, as things seemed to be slowing down, Brian decided to chill out in the overgrown black pipe that sits at the ballfield. So Bill, aka the 5th child in our home, thought this would be fun

For those who wouldn't recognize him, that's Tim up there helping. They're rocking it back and forth. Which looked like a lot of fun, if you like being nauseous.

Apparently the kids liked being nauseous. They would take turns sitting in the pipe, and rocking it until it rolled a couple of feet. Zachary supervised, though I think he did take a ride or two. Problem is, we have soccer practice there now, so guess what my boys want to do... yeah, that's it.

At the JFD, Zachary is often referred to as "Little Bill". Partly because he's Bill's littlest, but also cuz we went and named him Zack, when there was already a Zak hanging around the firehouse, Zakary Toothaker. The other boys are still named regularly by the color shirt they are wearing that day. Blue Jones, Gray Jones, you get the idea. Of course, those darn Shinks are no picnic to keep track of either, so I don't mind a bit!! Whatever works!

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