Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Steers are Sold

Bill asked if I had blogged about the steers' departure, and I had to admit I had not!! Of ciourse, I have the excuse of the many things I have been doing, which are referenced in the previous post. Anyway, on Wednesday night, we accepted an offer made last Saturday, and Thursday evening Darrell Robinson and his family came to get them. We see Darrell and his family at several of the fairs, and so I'm sure we will see them again. Darrell's girls, ages 5 and 2, love them to pieces, they will be WELL appreciated!

And before anyone asks, no Dustin is not upset. He has just the temperment to be an actual farmer if he needed to, enough emotion that he wants them well cared for, but not so much that he hates to see them go. I wondered a bit, because they didn't drag him as often as last year's steers had. But Thursday morning his words were, "Yes, that's the last time I'll have to do chores!!" We quickly added until next spring. But he's happy with the break.

And this Sunday is the 4-H meeting, where he and Brian will both be signing up for the new 4-H year. Wish me luck!!!

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Nicki said...

Way, Cool! So much has been going on that I'm not surprised you never said anything. I never thought to ask, either! Congratulations!