Monday, October 8, 2007


YAY!!! I have fantastic news! My camera BROKE!

I mean, er, *sigh*, my poor, sweet camera has seen better days.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that when I would zoom in on a picture, I had to turn my camera completely off in order for it to zoom back out. Very annoying while trying to take soccer pictures, (especially when one child is on offense, the other defense) but still dealable.

This weekend, it will no longer zoom in... and that's BAD!!

That means that shots like this from the fair will need to be cropped.

Quite frankly, my 3.2 MPs don't provide a good enough amount of information to crop the picture adequately.

However, the whopping 6 MP of the little gem I've taken a shine to, namely the Canon PowerShot S3 IS, would allow that just fine. Not that I'll need to for a few years, because it happens to have a 12x optical zoom as well, that should be in full working condition for at least a year, right? By the way, this particular pic of Dustin in Fryeburg is him waiting to receive the first place ribbon for the drag class. Yes, that's right, First place. It went a long way toward earning him this:

That would be the trophy, yes ladies and gentlemen, the TROPHY, he brought home, for third place overall in the Juniors class. Ah, it was a proud momma moment.

Anyway, unfortunately, for those who may be wondering, the darn animals did come home. But we have an interested party from CT, a 12 yo 4Her admired them something awful, and we are awaiting the phone call. Cross your fingers!


Mike Smith said...

Your message has been intercepted. Kim and I often see each others' mail. Sooo...Kim still will get your mail, but that means I saw it too. So I visited your site. And for your first post, I am leaving a comment...WOW! Great to see friends sticking to their post (pun intended) and blogging. AWESOME! WOW for your son! Trophy, eh? that's neat - what's more, I didn't know about his working with animals. NEAT!

Nicki said...

Okay, I decided I have to be the first to post a comment. :) Thanks alot Mike! Guess I'm not first after all.
Congratulations on the broken camera! Um, I mean, so sorry to hear about your camera. ;)
I have also been checking out people's blogs a little and must say, I like the pictures the best, too.
Congratulations to Dustin on the 3rd place trophy. I know how hard he worked for it. And, hopefully those cute little black and whites will find a new home soon. Good Luck!