Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Camera Woes

So, as I blogged earlier, my camera died. I immediately began perusing the web for my new one. The camera of my dreams at the moment is a Canon 6 MP PowerShot S3 IS with 12x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilization. Now for a translation. 6MP = the camera will remember a ton more detail so I can zoom in on a part of my picture and make IT a 4x6, or blow up my picture to 8x10 or 10x13 without it looking funny. PowerShot= the style. S3 = the model, and it means it's better than the S1 but not as new and fancy as the brand-new S5 (but not as expensive either). IS = Image Stabilization, which is a fancy way to say the camera doesn't wiggle around as much when you are trying to zoom in on something far away. And my FAVORITE part, is the 12x Optical Zoom. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY DIGITAL ZOOM. D zoom just means it will look like you are closer on the camera, you are not actually getting a different picture. Optical zoom means your picture will look like you were standing closer when you took it. My DiMage had a 10x Zoom. Very cool. And currently very broken.

I should have had my new camera for yesterday's soccer game. But I ordered it from some obscure website in an attempt to save $. Two days after I hoped it would be here (but forgot to watch for it in the chaos that is my life) I got an email saying because the camera was back ordered for 6 - 8 weeks they cancelled it. They would email me when they got some in to allow me to reorder.

Now, keep in mind folks, this camera is the out-going model. The new model has 8MP, so I could blow up my pics to like a 20"x30", which I don't need, for an extra hundred $ or more. I'm not thinking they will get "new" ones in, Canon won't make them forever.

So, I ordered it from It will be at my house by Wednesday, and I paid a bit more, but still not as much as at the store in Farmington, where they do not yet want to admit it is an old model.

And I took these at soccer:

I think my kids are in there. Somewhere.

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