Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quick Post While I Wait for Bill to be Ready for Bed

1. Got my new camera yesterday, FINALLY. A word to the wise,
don't order from the website. They were unreliable. Good 'ol, and my AWESOME UPS guy got it here a day ahead of schedule!! I took these pics sitting on the bench on our walkway to the house, and one he was over by the pine trees lining the road. LOVE my zoom!!! This is Savannah's three year old brother, he was my first subject because when it arrived Zachary was taking a nap!!

2. The Hurleys are all home. They were home over night Sunday, back to Portland for a fever Monday morning, but released again Tuesday afternoon. Savannah looks FANTASTIC, see for yourself:

We met Melissa and the kids at Cushing school and played on the playground while the girls took turns at piano lessons. I still had their piano books, so I needed to bring them up, and after a day of no school the boys were ready to enjoy the sunshine!

Don't you LOVE the pink hair? Her favorite color is pink, so they let her dye it when they know it will fall out.

3. And we went to the Fire Station Open House last night. They had an amazing turn out, tons of kids came!! I'll try to post some of the pics (from my NEW CAMERA!!!) in the morning!

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