Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life Comes at You Fast

Yesterday I was posting about kids. Today I have seven, still counting Bill. We have company, Donovan and Kiara, and while it takes some effort all getting along, who can resist this?

Or this? They are truly adorable. And very sweetly tempered. Unless you try to claim Dora as your own, in which case Donovan tends to get downright unruly. Which is rarely a problem, because the only other person I have ever known to attempt to lay claim to Dora, aside from whoever her true creator is, is my son Zachary. Unfortunately, Zachary is bound and determined that Dora is his own personal property. It's an ongoing drama, and much like the Civil War, no one will truly win.

They should be with our family until sometime on Sunday, though with cancer, there is never a real timetable, it's a minute by minute lifestyle. But we will enjoy them for as long as they are here, and I will drink extensive amounts of fountain soda Diet Pepsi from Cumberland Farms, because I have convinced myself that as long as I have a fountain soda DP, all is right in the world ;-).

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Anonymous said...

Nice one. I love how you included both of my boys in the post for the BBQ. You are an awesome writter. I bet you could write a Best Seller about life with all of your boys!!! Holly