Monday, November 12, 2007


It's a very serious problem for me. What am I avoiding you ask?

Wouldn't you?

So, I will share with you my shoplifting experience.

Because that's more fun. (Very Dry Tone)

Now, I am the sort of gal who will look at my bill at a resturant, see that they forgot to add the salad, and point it out to the waitress so I pay the proper amount. My best story is attending a movie in Auburn, and being given a twenty in change instead of a ten I should have received. It was Bill who had paid, and I didn't catch the mistake until we were half way home. So, the following week when I went back to Auburn, I went into the theater to give them their $10. The manager gave me a confused look, and then two free movie passes for my kindness.

It pays to be honest, and frankly, I have no problem pointing out when I've been over charged, too. So, knowing this about me, you ask, "Why on Earth were you shoplifting?"

Obviously, it was not intentional. I would like to share that I have also left Wal-Mart in the past, discovered an item under jackets in the cart that was not paid for, and walked in and a) paid for it, or b) handed it to the greeter 'cuz I was out of time.

So when the door thingy dinged as I walked through it Saturday afternoon, I was more then a little mortified. "Your memory card probably set it off," said Nicki, who had no problem keeping cool. Unfortunately, the memory card bag was the first one put in the cart. I fumed under my breath as I tried to dig it out without crushing bread, eggs, or other crushable items. And then I ripped the bag, and fumed some more. I finally got it out, only to discover the receipt was in a different bag. Not the day I had shoved it in a pocket, unfortunately. So, I dug into another bag, feeling ever more humiliated that I would need to PROVE I had paid for my things.

I found the receipt. The memory card wasn't on it. A whopping $18.88 I hadn't paid for.


I plead innocent. It WAS in the bag, so it passed through the register and was put in the bag. Apparently it just didn't scan. And I was in such a daze, having spent time with Sarah's new baby, and then doing my shopping (for a pair of jeans) and THEN wedding shopping, and THEN hitting grocery for supplies for a Relief Society activity, by the time we hit the register I couldn't care less what the total of my purchases came to.

The guy at the register where I took it back to and paid was sympathetic. But I still feel guilty. I mean I know I'm not guilty of TRYING to get away with something, but I'm in Wal-Mart ALL the time, will I get dirty looks now? This was my second shopping excursion there in the same day, for Pete's sake, they KNOW me, like they do at Cumby's.

I'd say I can never show my face in there again but really, who are we kidding?

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Ashleigh said...

Hello . . glad you said hi. I fould Jim and Leah's blog, but didn't have time to venture beyond that yet. Blogging seems to take so much time (not the actually blogging but the reading everyone's), but I love it. Ansen will have fun catching up with everyone. And as far as the laundry goes . . .I don't avoid laundry, but I avoid the bathroom and a picture of the dirty bathroom would be way worse than laundry. Avoidance though . . . every mother is guilty. Funny shoplifting story.