Tuesday, November 6, 2007


OK, I have four boys, and they are gorgeous. I mean they are handsome, attractive, adorable, fantastic young men. And I am not biased at ALL.

But who can resist this beautiful face?

I took this picture. Savannah allowed me the honor of accompanying her and her mom to a jewelry store. The owner of the store had it opened an hour before their regular time. They shopped quietly, with the manager and two associates to wait on them. Savannah walked through the store, admiring each piece slowly. She chose several "favorites" that were set aside in a display box for her to examine more closely. She held them, she tried them on, and put them on her mother's hand. She had to find the perfect symbol for her mother to treasure always. It was a gift for her mother to remember her by, a symbol of Savannah's life on this earth that she would keep with her always.

Savannah likes jewelry. She likes sparkles, she likes the pretty colors, and she likes dangly earrings and clinking bracelets. Baubles and trinkets are a passion for her.

They had a wonderful time. I promised not to speak, and only forgot a couple of times. With a quick apology I was allowed to stay, and Savannah even held up a pin for me to get a picture of it. I am eternally grateful for the memory.

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