Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oh the Posts I Would Post...

Meeting Sarah's new baby...
Double-busted at Wal-Mart...
Caught shop-lifting...

Sarah's new baby sounds the most fun. Remind me if I don't get to the other two.

Sarah is originally from Cornville ME, Josiah is from Wilton. They've been married over seven years, and when they first married they moved to the Farmington area. Sarah became friends with Nicki and me, and she would often go shopping with me and my young children. I clearly remember she would say, "Well, I need to practice, we'll be having children any time now that we're married."

Seven years, many moves, and many tears later, here she is:
Abigail Anne.

She is adopted, and they are here in Maine for a painfully short time. Part of their journey together through life has been Josiah becoming joining the Army, where if you are very smart they train you to blow things up. Click the link for Sarah and Josiah, he actually blogged some of his work.

Abby and I have somethings in common, we are both born on November 3. Her parents have no idea what they are in for, we Scorpios are a special breed!!

For those of you scratching your heads, yes, that is a Wal-Mart cart. We heard Sarah and Josiah would need to stop at Wal-Mart in Farmington on their way from her parents' house to his parents' house. So we timed things just right. We went here:

And found them in the infant department (surprise surprise):

And unbuckled her:

And sat down and played. It's debatable whether or not we were obnoxious or enthusiastic. But either way, we have pictures!!!

Josiah would go one way to pick up a couple things, and come back to the cart. Then he'd go another way, pick up a couple of things, and go back to the cart. After a while, Sarah went one way, while Josiah stayed with the baby, came back, and out things in the cart. I honestly don't know how long we were there. It was awhile. But we shared nicely, for the most part, and took turns holding this adorable little bundle of sweetness.

And no, I don't want another one.

I don't want to be pregnant.

And I've learned adoption is not really a picnic either, it is VERY stressful!!

I'm all good.

I can wait for grandchildren.

And hold Abby.


Nicki said...

AWWWW........... I have tears in my eye now, thanks!

Stinson Family said...

That was very nice of you to say. I enjoy your friendship and the visit. Thanks for the nice blog. I hope to see you again soon before we head home.

Ashleigh said...

This is awesome! I am really big into adoption. Two of my good, good friends have adopted and I have another good friend still waiting. It really is amazing (but very hard) and to see HF's hand in it all. I loved the blog and it really brought tears. I cry about every adoption story! She's really a cute baby.