Sunday, November 4, 2007

More Ketchup...

Okay, so while Bill and Zachary were certainly cute and adorable, there were three other pumpkins being carved. Of course, using low tech equipment it took a bit longer, and so the photos were mostly after the speed carving occurred, hence they take post #2. Bear with me here, people, it's been a long October!!

On to the pictures!!

The setting, our dining room. Some day I will actually get to a place in my life where I buy a new ceiling light that gives off good lighting. But it will take longer now, because my new camera handles low light a bit better than the old one.

Ok, one more shot of Bill, he's just so darn cute. And gross.

One can only tolerate so much guck on their hands before a paper towwel is required.

"Ha!! This is COOL!!"

"Mom, can you tell Dad to stop cheating?"

Here we see Brian drawing his image out on the pumpkin. A little trick we started awhile back, washable markers and you can "erase" you drawing and start over if it doesn't look quite like you planned.

Michael was a bit frustrated with drawing on the pumpkin, so he drew it on the paper towel, mom transerred it to the pumkin, and then Michael cut it out.

Ah, 9 year-olds and knives. Lord help us.

Finished product. Looking good!

Very good!

Somehow Dustin didn't seem to require such supervision, and therefore ended up with no pictures. Oh well, better luck next time. And that is not kool-aid, his lips were chapped. Well, some of it was kool-aid, but most of it was chapped!

Last but certainly not least! Great job guys!

Happy Halloween! Yes, I know it's November, lighten up! I do the best I can!

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