Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I am SOOOO Tired...

I remember hearing a woman at church talk one time about her journal. I remember she commented one time that when she looked back at her entries, they almost all began with, "I am so tired." And then she said when she read her great-grandmother's journal, written 100 years or so before, many of the entries began, "I am weary." Do we sense the pattern here?

So, for my own sanity, I simply have to record my morning here, on the internet, for all to read. Deep breaths people, deep breaths. Try to stay with me...

I woke up at 5:30 to pee, and couldn't go back to sleep. We (I use the term loosely) are planning a wedding in less than two weeks for my friend's sister, and somehow I got stuck on the fact that this means no bridal shower. Or does it? Could I pull off a bridal shower?

I fell asleep after Bill got up at (probably 6), woke up to Dustin saying goodbye (7:15). Couldn't bring myself to get up, so I yelled to Brian and Michael to go get dressed.

A few minutes later, Michael says, "Mom, can I have breakfast at school?"

Brian came in my room minutes later. "Mom, can I have breakfast at school?"
"Well, anyways, I have a field trip today." (Field trips mean bag lunch from home. Or Lunchables, whatever.)
"I didn't sign a permission slip for a field trip."
"Dad did."
"I dunno."
"Where are you going?"
"I dunno. Something about Veteran's Day."
"Do you need a lunch?" (Keep in mind, my eyes are still closed)
"I don't know, that's what I came to ask you."

I'll pause for the laughter to die down. So I send him for the phone, but Dad doesn't answer.

Nicki calls, and I explain the funny situation (I use the word funny loosely) as I drag out of bed to email the teacher. The teacher is at school by 7, and an avid reliable emailer, bless her heart.

Bill is at the shop when I call there. He signed the slip a couple of weeks ago, but remembers no details of the field trip.

I email the teacher, check my other email, holler about dressing feet. Crash, crying. Apparently Michael decided to put both palms on the woodstove in an attempt to sit on it, often a pleasant experience this time of year as it is just warm from the night before.

Dad built a fire this morning.

Michael stood at the sink with cold water while Mom panicked. I hate dealing with burns, by the time you know how bad they are it's too late to do anything.

The Dr.'s phone was busy. Bill said get out frozen peas. I emailed the Dr., asking her to call me ASAP for an emergency. She saw my email and called me with her cell phone that I forgot she had for emergencies. She said 20 minutes of cold water, wrap in clean white hankies, and bring him in at 9:15. I was to pick up Sheila at 8:30 to do a service for our mutual friend at 9. I call Sheila, ask her to come to my house herself, and we left for the Dr.s, but I dropped her at the other friend's appt first. Then we got a milkshake, a way better ice pack for hands than frozen peas.

The Dr. complimented me on the fact that I did everything and she felt silly staring at his hands and complimenting me. So we decided to talk about Zachary needing a new chamber for his asthma medicine (his face got bigger) and that sent her making phone calls. And with still more appointment time we decided to give Zachary his flu shot. Poor kid.

So then I drive back to Jay so I can take Sheila back to her car 'cuz the service project is done. Her car is at my house, so I go home, and she leaves.

I check my machine, and return a call about a dear friend. I listen for half an hour to details, and make more phone calls to arrange assistance for another mutual friend. And then I ate lunch.

Now I'm off to unload groceries for another person. And I'm tired.

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