Friday, November 9, 2007

Things That Bring Me Peace

In no particular order of importance...

Not having to choose between raspberry and cheese.
Yes, I know it's wrong to find peace in food and drink, but in the heat of the moment I am just grateful they are there!

The house is so quiet when he's sleeping. Though he does bring me joy when he's awake!!

Especially when he's ignoring me like this!!
A best friend of, like, 15 years who still puts up with my crap!!

The teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
In fact, except for the food and drink they are what brought me to all of the others.
The temple is the most peaceful place on Earth. I am so grateful to have one in Boston, to make it more feasible to go in just a day, rather than a weekend. And I am truly thankful that my family has been joined together for all time and eternity here. Now THAT is peace.

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