Monday, November 5, 2007

Baskin Robbins

Okay, Baskin Robbins original concept of 31 flavors.

The most number of days you can have in a month.

In many areas with cable, a channel on the TV.

What do these have to do with anything? Well, I just turned 31 on Saturday. Happy Birthday to me. I googled 31 to find an interesting list, but got 3 results. 3. It's a World Wide Web, but only 3 things of interest stem from the number 31. No showing 1-100 of 3,481 results, oh no. In the World, the number 31 is apparently very unimportant. But it's ok, I'm not bitter. It just turns out to be a very peculiar age to be. I'm 31. It sounds like you are revving up for something, but not quite ready to take off. Like when I was 29, I worried people would think I was stalling and refusing to admit being older. Then when I was 30, I hit a peak, a milestone, and owned it proudly. But now I'm 31, I guess it's uphill for awhile more. Unobtrusive. Quiet. Psyching myself up for the road ahead. A very weird age to be.

Huh, I do have to create a new Label for this post, none of the others fit. The first birthday I've blogged, that's kind of cool. Oh, and a picture, of course!

You didn't really think I would put a picture of me, did you? Bill had the camera, I have a close-up of my nose, he apparently likes my nose. And all the others I'm looking down, not a great pose for the size of my chin. Suffice it to say, I'm 31 now.

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Leah said...

Marie! I didnt know you had a site...I found you through Sarah's site. We have one too! check it out when you get a minute