Friday, November 16, 2007


Can I just say that I. LOVE. BLOGS!!

What a fantastic way to stay in touch. Just today, I was minding my own business reading Leah Danala's blog (ok, that might be minding her business...) when I decided to check the comments. She hasn't posted lately, might be too busy with her husband newly in the bishopric and everything, but I noticed TEN comments on one post, and my interest was peaked. Then, a comment was by an Ashleigh. I only know one Ashleigh who spells her name that way, and she's maried to a mutual friend of Jimmy and Bill, Ansen, and low and behold, a little click, and I am looking at pictures from Utah of our dear friend Ansen! Poor boy, couldn't help himself, he fell in love with (apparently a very darling) young lady from out there, and so as to not uproot her from her dear family, he stayed. We miss him terribly! Especially since the last time he was here we didn't even manage to catch a few minutes at church!

Enter blog-dom. Photos of him and his new family at a shooting range (looking only slightly deranged!!), roller-skating, even carving NY Yankee pumpkins. We forgive him of that, having a Yankee fan, Brian, and occasionally a pseudo-Yankee fan, Bill (he's just faking though).



Ashleigh said...

I. LOVE. BLOGS. too. Most of the time I feel like I know eveyone from ME since Ansen talks about everyone, plus we always hear updates from Carol and Jackie. So, blogging will just "enhance" it. Love it!

Leah said...

OK, OK, my blog is updated now.... Thanks for reading!