Thursday, March 20, 2008

And Ashleigh thought I was kidding...

Last Tuesday I woke up late (God bless Daylight Savings). When I finally shoved got the boys out the door, I called Melissa to see if she wanted to ride to Wally World with me.

She was getting out of the shower, and would call back. To avoid being in the shower when she called back, I figured I should do something productive while I wait. Then I thought "Nah..." So I turned on the computer to catch up on blogs.

Poor, sweet, Ashleigh. She has a daughter with spunk. Dustin never had it, nor Michael. But Brian and Zachary... Well... let's just say they're full of it.

I won't go into detail about Olivia, you can just click on Ansen and Ashleigh's link to the right for a detailed post about that! But I commented to Ashleigh that I'm so sorry, and commisserated how frustrating it is when you can't get one mess cleaned up without them making another while you're scrubbing the first. Then I told her I would let her know, on my blog, what exactly Z had been up to while I read her blog.

Sure enough, as I left the computer chair I heard, "I clean it up, Mommy."

Walk through the doorway, and I found a scene, much like this:
Unfortunately I had instinctively insisted he hand me the hand cream bottle, so I then had to recreate the scene to get the photo. I'm not sure posing him wiping up the hand-cream he slopped everywhere and then taking his picture really gets the disciplinary message across properly.

Ah well.

Then I spoke to Melissa, took my shower, and found this:

Don't judge me. My shower was less than 5 minutes, and I've given up on scolding them for putting stuff in their mouths. I do still scold against marbles and bouncy balls (they don't squish and are dangerously round), but my brother chewed on toys, I chewed on toys, my boys have all done it, and no one has choked, so frankly, I give up.

Brian is now (at 9) my child who tries the hardest to stay out of trouble, and in my good graces. I have hope for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lucky for Zachary he's adorable! And I forgot to hit publish on this post for 9 whole days!!


Ashleigh said...

Thanks. I know so many mothers "suffer" from an overly active (for lack of a better word) child. Today Olivia got out of the bathtub by herself for the first time and put 2 of her blankets in the tub with her. (Where was I you ask-cleaning the kitchen. I was depending on Addison for drownin warnings, but forgot to mention mischeif control.) A lease we can smile, empathize, and some complaining never hurts. Anyway, love the post!

Nicki said...

That's probably just as bad as mascara, but it didn't take forever to clean out his ears. lol.