Monday, March 24, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Saturday morning was a BUSY one! We already had plans to be up and about early (well, ok, Bill and Brian did), and when Bill looked out the window he saw that we had been EGGED. AGAIN!!

Cute little plastic Easter eggs with candy in them all around the driveway. Apparently our friendly neighborhood Easter bunny felt there was too much snow for the kids to climb over to put them on the lawn! And it was chilly out, a whopping 7 degrees, so it was nice that it only took a few minutes to gather them!

Zachary also decided the most effective way to open the plastic eggs was to throw them to the floor at full force!

After claiming a bit of candy as his own, Brian went to Clinton with Daddy and Uncle Kevin to get himself a pair of steers for his 4H project. While they were gone the other kids and I went to visit my Dad for a bit, intending to come home and clean house for pictures of our anticipated Easter egg hunt. Because taking pictures is the only reason one should clean one's house.

We arrived back about the same time that they arrived back at my in-law's. The steers are only a week old, and it is still winter here to spite the calendar, and our barn not only is not winterized (on purpose) but it has our wood in it still. So Kevin said he could make room in the barn at my in-law's house.

I brought the camera up, because the only reason to buy a pair of steers is to have something new to take pictures of. And they spent an hour or so "making room" in the barn. There is now officially NO MORE ROOM in the barn! There is nothing but steers at far as the eye can see.

I've never wanted a picture of the outside of the barn before, so please settle for this blurry one that was taken too late at night, and without flash to avoid glare. It's supposed to be a picture of the new and old tractor, but it happens to have the little bitty barn in it, too, in the back on the right.

An hour or so was spent making new stalls, and then the little critters (and I do mean LITTLE critters) were finally allowed to move in!

These are Dustin's. One of Kevin's pulling steers was asked to wait outside while the sawing and hammering was going on. This enabled Dustin's calves to wait in his stall, as theirs was revamped to make room for new friends!
What a cutie!!
Here you see Dustin's closest to the camera woman, then Brian's, and then in the back are Kevin's calves. The four big pulling steers line the opposite wall, with very little walking space left!
So, it's official, we are firmly entrenched in another year of 4H. I just hope the boys can handle it, especially Brian, he's already talking about bugs!!
Saturday night we decorated eggs, and toes, but my fingers are tired, I'll post about that later!


Alyson said...

OH I just love new baby animals.
Now that our Dairy Barn burnt down we are going into the beef business. FIL is, and he promised me I get to baby some ;)

I have also been giving the go ahead to fence our east lawn to have some animals. This summer I'm also expanding my chickens to 30-40 I'm soooo excited.
love your love love the title.

Nicki said...

that's a lot of legs in that itty bitty barn. Good Luck with the cute little babies.