Monday, March 3, 2008

The things you learn online...

So, I was checking out some lady from California's blog, and she posted information I will now share with you. It's called, Google Reader.

What you do, is you sign in with your email and a password, and then on the left is a green tab that says "add subscription". You click on it, and one at a time you cut and paste the URLs of blogs you like. You list the blogs you like to read, and then in one screen, you can check whether or not they have ALL been updated. The blogs will show a number beside them of the posts that it thinks you haven't read, though I marked them all read first off, because I had read them. But today, ONE person had a new post. So I read the 1. Without having to check the 10 or so I read. You also see a snippet of the post on a screen, and if you click on the blog's title above, you can actually go to the blog, so you can read the comments and make one if you want. 'Cuz bloggers LIVE and BREATHE for comments!

If this is the only blog you read, I am sorry to have bored you. But Kim, THIS POST IS FOR YOU!!!


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Kim said...

Hey.....I finally got to be in the office with Mike without his homework hanging over his head. So.....we figured this out. It is so cool. Thanks for sharing. See you tomorrow.
Betsey says we should go out for dessert after the budgeting class. It's been waaaaay too long since GNO, don't you think?