Friday, March 21, 2008

So much to blog, So little time.

Well, there will be no pictures of my kitchen.

Why? you ask. Go ahead, you know you want to.

Because thieves infiltrated my life.

No, we weren't robbed, officially. Some creep decided to steal a bunch of information from our local grocery store chain's computers, and they have 4.2 million credit and debit card numbers. And they are using them illegally. They had 4 of mine.

One was a Discover card, and from what I hear Discover is working on it. They contacted me and now the account is closed (it actually got used to buy gas in Georgia!!) and a new account number is being assigned.

Then we have 3 debit cards. Yeah, well, we actually HAVE eight, four normal sized and four key chain ones with the same numbers as the regular size. Don't judge me. We have 2 checking accounts (because I'm so organized. cough.) and there are two of us, so multiply or add 2 and 2 make 4.

"But what about the kitchen?!?!" you scream.

Right, well, because I needed to replace my cards, and wasn't going to wait indefinitely for them to arrive in the mail while millions of other people wait indefinitely for THEIRS to come in the mail, I went to my Credit Union.

'Cuz I am a debit card addict. I know, I had to go without one before, and it's not pretty.

And my credit union mailed me a letter saying if I come in to the building they can replace it, for free, right then and there.

So, I drive down to my credit union. At 10 am, thinking slow time of morning. The parking lot is unusually full, and I think, "OK, not such a slow time. But really, how bad can it be? And I want my card. Now."

So I unbuckle the 2 year old. That's right, I have a 2 year old attached at the hip (I wish, then he wouldn't run away) where ever I travel. And I enter the Credit Union, am asked if I want to wait in line for a card, and my name is put on the list and I'm guided to a waiting room. One of three waiting rooms. One of three FULL waiting rooms.

Turns out, my Credit Union mailed a similar letter to almost everyone else that uses it. This grocery store is less then a mile from where the Credit Union is.

So, the 2 year old is handed a coloring book and a pack of crayons with 6 of the cutest little crayons in it, and we sit.

I knew it was bad when I noticed the little water bottles being given away for free. We were in for it.

TWO HOURS LATER my name was called. That's right, I went up to make sure we were on the list only once, after everyone in the room I was in had walked in after me and several more names had been called. I have to say, though, it could have been so much worse. I heard the woman taking names tell someone that the man that kept coming and going was handling anyone who was really angry and irate. All we had in our area were people who, while not happy about it, knew that yelling wasn't going to get us anywhere. So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

One lady came up to me and offered me a Very Hungry Caterpillar book to borrow to read to Zachary. That ate ten minutes.

They had a big plastic school bus, and a few other toys that interested Zachary here and there. And of course the color book. And climbing on his chair. All in all, he was really good. Although he did throw the bus at one point, but we were well into our second hour, and frankly I think I might have been benefited from throwing a bus at that point.

But it's done. I never got to Walmart, but I told Bill that since I replaced his card for him too, he owed me two hours of shopping at Walmart tonight. Alone.

That might almost be worth it. Almost.

Would someone please tell the person who stole the numbers that no one is impressed?

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