Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boy, I LIKE being healthy!

So, yesterday was a VERY productive day for me! It's amazing what one can accomplish when one is not puking, coughing, sneezing, wiping snotty noses, reading really good books, or gallivanting anywhere from Farmington to Portland and places in between for meetings, appointments, or much needed toilet paper.

I felt GOOD! And I got a LOT done, my gracious. I vacuumed the living room. I took all the recycle paper from the basket in the office and put it in a paper bag. I swapped the laundry around, and started more. I folded what was clean, sorted out Brian and Dustin's and had them fold theirs. I gathered and washed some of Bill's laundry, and vacuumed the bedroom floor, along with some of the breezeway. I loaded and ran the dishwasher. I washed the counters off. I paid bills, checked email, and read blogs. It helped I had good music on to keep me moving! Then, it was 11:00, so I popped the half a pan of chicken and rice left from two nights ago in the oven (so it would be war at lunch time), and started baking. Bread. AND cinnamon rolls. Because I have been craving homemade bread for weeks, but I've been too sick, too busy, or too far behind to not focus on my house, and I haven't been able to get to it.

And here it is:

Because I took pictures:

Because I knew some people wouldn't believe me:

Eat your heart out. I might share, but you might have to get here by noon time! I can't promise there will be any left! I made the cinnamon rolls differently then usual, way more cinnamon in the sugar mixture than usual. They actual leave your mouth with a cinnamon aftertaste, it's WONDERFUL!! Even Bill said, "Those are really good!" When all I usually get from him is, "Yeah, they're good." when I ask for his opinion.

Anyway, TODAY I still feel good. But I don't feel much like getting anything done. Brian is home with an awful sore throat, his teacher just called to check on how he was (very sweet). I don't think it's strep, because it does feel better with Motrin, I think his head is just congested, causing a post-nasal thing. Poor kid. But he liked the cinnamon rolls. I need to get some more popsicles I guess!

Anyway, I guess I'll veg out, read some other blogs, and maybe take a nap. Life is good today!

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Anonymous said...

Cinnamon rolls with cinnamon that you can actually taste - and frosting that you can actually see!!! Yum Yum. I'm jealous. Maybe someday I will make those again too. Good to hear how great you are feeling, must be a sign of spring fever. Check out the email I sent you this morning. Love you. Mom