Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome to my Party!!

I'm a little nervous, I'm not exactly a "party animal"! But every now and then I need to step out of my comfort zone and stretch myself just a tad!

Well, here at Between You Me and the Fencepost we tend to be awfully busy, but every now and then we run out of excuses to avoid doing the laundry! Boy do we have laundry, 4 boys and a husband with a pretty messy job outside (think layers in the winter) create a TON of laundry:

This is where I sit and spend time talking to you all, instead of keeping a clean house. I'm a SAHM, but until my 2 yo is in school I figure I have a good enough excuse! ;-)

I like to take pictures, I'm not great at it, but I scrapbook them as well. Scrapbooking changed how I take my puictures, blogging has changed how I live my life. For example, when I do things like go to Cumby's to get this:

my only real vice, fountain soda Diet Pepsi. I'm a connoisseur!

Let's check in on the boys, they're so cute, they don't even know they are at a party!

Here is child one:

he's eleven, and just said he didn't want to smile 'cuz he's mad at his brother. I asked him if he still loved his mother, and this is what we got! He's laying in his bed, a loft bed with a desk that my husband made out of PVC pipe and painted black. It's pretty cool!

and child two:

he's nine, and was very intently watching TV. NOT a social butterfly! (takes after his mom)
and child three:

he's seven, and always so happy to perform! Seven is a good age. I like it, he doesn't. He might if he didn't have two older brothers who can "do everything"! He likes to pose for the camera, but I refuse to post on the internet the picture he wanted me to take... his behind! Pants on, of course, just being silly.

Please excuse the mess, like I said, I avoid cleaning! No, that is not a Christmas decoration on my wall in March. Oh, ok, it is, sue me!

and child four:

he's the 2 yo, and likes to play shy! He was planned, but only after much thought and prayer. An awful pregnancy resulted in a child like no other, he radiates love and happiness and it bounces back from everyone around him. I worry he will end up spoiled, but we just can't help ourselves!

He's wearing a Fire Dept T-Shirt. The love of my life is on our town's volunteer department, and he and his fellow firefighters are idolized by my children. Usually they merit the adoration!

The couch he's on was a hand-me-down. Ok, ALL our living room furniture is second hand, from family. The couch I would have refused, it really is UGLY. But, after that last pregnancy I developed a severe hatred of our other couch due to the extensive amount of time I spent on it. And this one is a sleeper sofa, and little did we know we would be having angels sleep on it on a regular basis.
The angels? Right, they are brother and sister to another little girl, who has cancer. They are my very dear friend Melissa's children, and have spent A LOT of nights asleep on that couch! We try not to write too much about them, just when they really are here a lot. Cancer is a very sad topic, but we do address it every now and then (see Post #50 in the archives), as it is prevalent in our lives.

Oh, and of course, the Love of My Life, husband of 12+ years, and father of all my children (that always floors them at school!!):

Cute, huh? I think so. I recently told him we don't spend enough time together, between church responsibilities, friend needs, children, the fire department, and the extended family we never see anymore. He promised me we would spend all kinds of time together in the eternities. Sweet.

Child four is the only one not in need of a haircut. I gave him one a few days ago, I haven't got to the rest, including Love of My Life!

the view from my dining room.
We live up North, and are ready to be done with the snow! Bring on the flooding spring!

Well, I'm glad you stopped by, and look forward to maybe seeing you again soon! Also, I'd love to check out your blog if you have one!

Stay warm! Unless you live in Texas, and then I guess it's stay cool?

OH YEAH!!! ME!!! Silly goose that I am!

Here I am at a family cookout with the Love of My Life:

Ok, time to go meet all of you! Thanks again for stopping by, and drive safe!


That Chick Over There said...

You had me at "Diet Pepsi"...

Gray Matters said...

Great job with your party post - I loved learning about you and your family. Have a great week partying!

Nadine said...

It's nice to meet you. I loved all the pictures. Your boys are cute. Oh my...that's a lot of snow. Thank you for having me. Please come by for a visit and enjoy all the parties.

Amy said...

Thanks for inviting us in to your party place!

I personally think it's harder to have a clean house as a stay at home mom. I mean geez, we are there all dang day. What else to do but mess up the house? LOL

Ashleigh said...

I really loved this post and getting to know your family more!

Nicki said...

Hi, just dropping by for the Blogger Party! You have a beautiful family... you must have lots of fun with all those little boys!

Linda said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by 2nd Cup! I loved visiting here and seeing your cute family. Enjoy the party!

Stinson Family said...

I love the pictures of you and your family! You put it very nicely. We can't wait to see you and your family in a couple of weeks!

Melanie said...

It was so nice to meet you! I loved reading your post. You have a wonderful family.
Our Happy Happenings
Livin' With Me

Happy Panda said...

Great blog post! Thanks for stopping by to visit my little blog. Good luck in the prize drawing and happy party hopping.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie.......I really connected with your honesty and sense of humor. Anyone who posts REAL photos of their home is someone I want to get to know.

My sister had three boys, (now young men).When they were all little I would occasionally fly to her house and wade through her laundry room to dig her out. I remember folding GI Joe underpants and trying to match socks while they fought over the video games. Ah, those were the days. Then I would get to go home to peace and quiet. I create my own kind of chaos. It is not all that peaceful here!
Stop by my blog anytime. I enjoyed your kind comments.

Kathy b

Janne said...

Thanks for stopping by my party. It's nice meeting another mother of four boys. :)

Beautiful family you have...and brrrr. I really don't miss living where there is snow.

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you and your boys!
Yes it is Friday and even though I only have one with this being Sping Break for us Canucks well it has been a busy one!

Storm said...

Great introduction of the family.

Still hopping from blog to blog... my goal is to post at each blog at least once. Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!