Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Hate LOVE Noggin...

I do, I really do. Because I am a horrible, hateful, terrible reasonably good mom. You see, Noggin is like Preschool on TV, only more expensive cheaper, because it comes with the satellite service that we can't live without because of Noggin already get anyway. Really. Ok, my husband also couldn't live without Speed now that he's addicted. The Speed Channel, not the street slang for drugs.

OK, so before I dig THAT hole deeper...

I see myself as a pretty good mom. My kids are healthy, I control their portions, I monitor and encourage who their friends are, I cope with their sports encourage them to be physically active, I even send them to heck on Earth public school to co-mingulate with their peers. I don't really think that's a word, but you get the idea.

Anyway, I do occasionally need time to read blogs, write my blog, and stare for hours on end at the computer myself, to preserve some level of sanity. Which is where Noggin comes in. Or at least, they used to.

It seems like every time I find something that works, someone has to go and ruin fix it. Case in point, just as Z was deciding Max and Ruby were as interesting as Dora (he is a selective TV viewer) the darn station went and did away with both of them. It used to be that Noggin was on all day at our house, in hopes of distracting the child from coloring on the walls for background noise, and here and there my little angel would happen on a program of interest to him. Like Dora the Explorer. And then Max and Ruby. And interspersed throughout my day would be entire 25 minute segments where I didn't have to worry about markers, paint, play dough, Kool-Aid pitcher dumping my sweet, darling little boy, and I could, oh, take a SHOWER, or close my eyes for longer than a blink.

Then came January, and a schedule change. Noggin stutters now, they repeat every show at least once, two episodes of The Upside-Down Show, two episodes of Pinky Dinky Doo, etc. It was aired for a long time that Noggin would be coming on all day, as opposed to from 6 AM to 6PM as it had been. 24 hours of It's like Preschool on TV. The big day came, and sure enough, come 5:58 PM we were promised Max and Ruby. And it cut to Saved by the Bell. Turns out, Dish Network our satellite people didn't WANT 24 hours of Preschool on TV. They still wanted teeny-bopper crap like Saved by the Bell and Dawson's Creek all night. So they refuse to carry the new hours of Noggin. The ones where all of the Dora and Max and Ruby apparently got put. Because now, we don't get them.

Now we have to seek them out on Nick Jr. Not so bad you think? Nick Jr. has commercials. Lots of commercials. In the middle of the show. With Spongebob in them *shudder*. A few times each show. Z doesn't like commercials. Yet. They don't hold his attention. I get five minute breaks of peace and quiet, here and there, interrupted with loud, obnoxious, boring commercials. You know how much wall art busy-ness a 2 year old can do in 5 minutes? Just ask Nicki, and check out the mascara pics on her blog! ;-)

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Stinson Family said...

I also love noggin. It has no commericals. I am sure Abigail will be loving it when she is older.