Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Several things to report, none of them likely to make sense to you all.

How does ice build up under 12 feet of ice and water shield?

Perspective is such an interesting concept. I wish I could show you photos of some of the houses around here, the levels of snow accumulated. Those will small yards have igloos, those with large yards, like us, have open space that doesn't look so bad. And then what about where all this snow will go when the weather warms up? I'm a bit concerned for all of us here. I can't show you pictures, though, because my life is such that when I do find time where I can choose an activity, staying in my house is so novel that I don't think about taking them then. I only think of it when I am out, and then I have destinations to attend. *sigh*

I just read a fantastic book that none of you can read yet (insert evil nah nah nah nah nah nah).
It was a fantasy, I think, more fantasy than anything I've ever read and enjoyed in the past anyway. And also a mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks Bryce!

I attended Melissa and Savannah's doctor appointment yesterday. MCCP is a time warp, there is no clock in the room you are in, and there is no sense of the passing of time. While aggravating for someone like me who thrives/agonizes on, "How much time do I have left before..." I suspect it is good for the children who go there, they deal with what's in front of them, not rushed to get through their procedures or emotions. Plug your ears eyes if you don't want to hear about it, it's the next paragraph!

Savannah is signed up for a study. The study is past the point where they test for side effects, play with how much of the medicine to give is too much. It is now in the, OK, stuff is safe, let's see if it helps THIS kind of cancer, and THAT kind of cancer. The idea is that the medicines (there are 4 kinds) might slow down the growth of the tumors through a low consistent chemo by mouth, and other drugs known to choke off smaller blood vessels, the kind that can be feeding the tumor, again to slow it's ability to grow. Fingers crossed that this will buy us more happy time with our angel on earth!

My own family is well, our roof is shoveled in anticipation of the ice storm we will get today, I'm stocked on fountain soda diet pepsi, and the kids are home from school, so no travel worries for me, just Bill. We are sittinf tight, waiting it out. Maybe I'll make bread... or cinnamon rolls. Hmmmm...

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Bryce's Ramblings said...

You finished it, even? Wowzers. And now that I know you have a blog, can you really sleep well at night? :-)